7 signs your home needs a declutter

Is the clutter in your home taking over your interior design vision? Here are seven signs that might indicate it’s time for a declutter.

Is the clutter in your home taking over your interior design vision? Here are seven signs that might indicate it’s time for a declutter.

Clothes are everywhere

Having an overflowing wardrobe is one thing, but if you can’t have guests round because the spare room is packed with suitcases of seasonal wear or those bags of clothes you keep meaning to take to the charity shop, it’s time to have a rethink.

Your kitchen cupboard is full of bags

We all know someone with a cupboard overflowing with plastic bags. Getting rid of them is harder since the 5p price was added because now they’re actually worth something. If you find you still keep forgetting to take them with you when you do your shopping and end up having to buy more to add to your collection, try storing them in places like in the car or in your bag so you always have them on you and you free up some room in your home.

You’re constantly losing things

Ever had to purchase an item you knew you already had because you just couldn’t find it? Spending time searching for things that aren’t where they should be or just not being able to see anything for all the stuff in your cupboards is a sure sign of a clutter overload.

Your shelves are packed with gifts you’re never going to use

Whether it’s a holiday souvenir or a Christmas giftset sitting unopened in your bathroom, unused gifts take up space in our homes. If you know you’re never going to use something, it might be time to donate or regift and make way for the stunning minimalist interior of your dreams.

Your coat hangers are multiplying

If you’ve got a wardrobe stuffed with so many coat hangers there’s barely any room for your clothes, it’s time to clear them out. It’s easy to accumulate coat hangers when you buy something new, but try to avoid bringing them home with you if you know you already have enough. Plus, you’re not going to need as many once you’ve tackled your clothing clutter.

You keep decorating leftovers

Have you ever kept an old roll of wallpaper or a half-used tin of paint after redecorating? Keeping these things seems natural in case you need to do an emergency patch up, but if you’ve been holding onto them so long you’re considering redecorating anyway, it’s definitely time to ditch them.

Your décor is mostly infant craft projects

You might think that unidentifiable scribbles from your child relatives make cute artwork, but they probably don’t do much to complement the design of your sleek living room. If they’re old enough to start university, it’s time to rid your house of their childhood craft projects.

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