Door handles

Our range of handles are designed to complement our door range, for example the Tiber with its straight lined design perfectly complements the Palermo door whereas the curved design on the Oder is an ideal choice for any door in the Ellipse Collection.

Choosing the right door handles

Personalise your chosen doors with our wide variety of beautifully crafted door handles. Browse through our matching sets to achieve a co-ordinated look for your project.

About our handle packs

When looking for door handles for existing or new doors it is important to create a balance between style and practicality. An XL Joinery Door Handle Packs offer everything you need to fit a door in one box, including a latch or bathroom lock and three high quality hinges. Hinges play a major role with the functionality of a door and choosing a cheap hinge can often be false economy. Our handle packs come with three quality 3” Steel Ball Bearing hinges ensuring they are fit to hang our stylish and heavy doors.

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