Door Accessories

Tools to finish the job

We know there’s so much more to doors than just the main board, which is why we also provide all the necessary door furniture. The smaller details such as handles, hinges and linings all contribute to transforming your space, and our accessories let you design your door down to the smallest detail.

Offering you more

Our expansive range of door accessories give you the opportunity to plan your door in more detail, whether that’s to match the rest of your home or the interior of your rooms. With a wide range of products you can piece it all together.

Door Hardware

Door accessories may seem like the easiest choice in the world, as they only serve a functional purpose – but it’s time to look past the function and see what door hardware says about your home. How door hardware looks is just as important as the function at hand.

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The Ultimate Finishing Touch

Good door decoration is crucial for transforming the spaces you love, that’s why we offer an extensive collection of internal and external door accessories that are designed to match the full range of products. We offer, amongst other products, architraves, door frames, skirting and weather strips. By selecting the finest finishing touches to a room not only does it provide a stunning looking interior but also demonstrates a strong attention to detail with every element of a room finished to the highest standard. Add that special look to any property with our Finishing Touches Collection.

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