Hardwood external doors

Hardwood external doors are hardwearing and can really enhance the look of any property. A popular choice, they offer a real blank canvas on which a number of looks can be fashioned.

We offer many different options to choose from, including door sizes, glass styles and the actual door construct. The majority of our hardwood exterior doors are either of Mortice and Tenon or Dowelled construction.

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About our hardwood exterior doors

A colourful front door is a great way of creating kerb appeal without having to paint the entire exterior. Also depending on the chosen colour it can completely change the look and feel of a property. Pastel colours are widely associated with sea side towns and country living, whereas using more vogue colours, such as greys, accentuate more contemporary homes to give a truly stylish and eye-catching look.

Exterior glazed doors are another fantastic way of bringing the exterior d├ęcor to life. Decorative or obscure glazed hardwood doors allow the light to flow into a home and can help make the interior appear more spacious, this is particularly useful if the front door opens straight into a hallway where natural light may be limited. If privacy is a concern the range also features an array of obscure glazed doors perfect for letting natural light in whilst also keeping prying eyes at bay!

Whatever the style of house create the perfect first impression with a door from the external hardwood collection.

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