Rustic Oak Ledged Internal Door

Product code: ROLB


This solid oak cottage style door combines the best modern construction methods with a material that stands the test of time, providing a real sense of presence for any interior.

If you are looking for a framed ledged door, we can manufacture the Rustic Oak Ledged as a fully working doorset, ready for a quick, no mess installation.

Please note there are no diagonal braces on the back of the door and the door depth is 40mm including the braces.

Top features

  • Solid oak construction
  • Hand selected timbers enhances the natural appearance of the door
  • No Lippings: All edges can be trimmed up to 20mm each
  • Tongue and Grooved Boards nailed and glued to Ledges for superior strength
  • Suitable for interior use
  • Ready for stain or paint

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