Internal White Primed Worcester Door Pair with Clear Glass

Product code: GWPPWOR


The Worcester door pair with it’s 6 large clear glazed panes of glass allows for the creation of an airy focal point in any room. Matching standard doors from the Worcester family can help create a totally harmonious look throughout a home.

Top features

  • Engineered construction for added strength, stability and performance
  • Double coated and ready for final finishing
  • FSC Certified product with full chain of custody
  • FSC Certified product with full chain of custody
  • Matching Glazing Bar/Mullion for colour consistency
  • Lipping allowing for 6mm to be trimmed off the top and bottom of the door to a maximum reduction of 12mm in height. 6mm can be removed from the width of each door from the hinge edge only, and no reduction can be made to the rebated edge

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