Palermo Essential 1 Light Pre-Finished Internal Oak Door with Clear Glass

New Product code: EPFGOPAL1L


The glazed Palermo Pattern 10 magnificently compliments the rest of the Palermos in ‘The Oak Essentials’ range. With compact living on the rise, we understand the need for creating brighter and lighter living areas, and for that, with its huge glass panel, this door delivers. Arriving pre-finished, with a high quality lacquer, installation time and costs are reduced as only cut outs and edges are required to be finished at home. In order to create a precise fit and minimise door preparation, you can choose from one of our many sizes to suit your project.

Top features

  • 20mm lippings
  • Clear Glass
  • Engingeered construction for strength and stability
  • XL Joinery 7 panel design
  • Pre-Finished, ready to hang
  • The Oak Essentials

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